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会计翻译:invEntory Cost Flow Assumptions

This section introduces inventory cost flow assumptions. 本部分介绍库存成本流动假设 Assume that three identical units are purchased separately at the following three dates and costs: May 1 at $45, May 3 at $65, and May 6 at $70...

成本流转假设,英文释义 an assumption made ofr accounting purpose,and may have no connection with actual physical flow of goods

To broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure is a central measure to increase benefits of corporation,through the control of the repertory cost in order to decline the outflow in this field in company and increase the ec...

下面先是汉语----- 【MCMF问题及数学模型】 在介绍最大流问题时,我们列举了一个最大物资输送流问题。如果这个问题的已知条件还包括每条边运送单位物资的费用,那么怎样运送,才能得到最大运输量,并且输送费用最少?这便是所谓最小费用最大流问...


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