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Why do you get up late today? Why do you 后面接行为动词,

gonna=going to,后面要接动词不定式/原形,由于late(迟到的)是个形容词,迟到be late才是个动词词组。 同样道理,home(在家的;在家里;家)是个形容词或副词或名词,动词词组是be home或者是be at home。

Woke up late today And I still felt the sting of the pain But I brushed my teeth anyway Got dressed through the mess And put a smile on...

we are late today改为一般疑问句

Why are you late today? 意思是:为什么你今天迟到了?

A 试题分析:arrive in和arrive at都是“到达”,arrive in跟大地方,arrive at接小地方,根据学校可知,应该用arrive at,应该排除BD;根据this morning可知,应该用过去时。所以本题选A。点评:对于“到达”,在英语中有arrive at/in,reach ,ge...

why were you late for class today, kevin? 为什么你今天迟到了,凯文?



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